What is Information Publishing?


For those of you who are totally new to information publishing, now’s a great time to spill the beans!

Information publishing involves creating and marketing information to people for profit.

Let me give you an example Say for instance you’re really interested in designer handbags.  You absolutely LOVE them and you already spend loads and loads of money indulging your passion for them!

And now you think, “Gee, I’d really like to make some money out of my passion for designer handbags, rather than just spend my money on it!”

Fair enough!  After all, one designer handbag alone can cost you several thousand dollars!

So you try figuring out a way to make money from your designer handbags interest.

Then you come up with an idea!

You have your lightbulb moment! You decide to create an e-book (a downloadable book in electronic format) which tells people how to get the best designer handbag for the best price!  You put together your top tips for snaring the best bargain.

Then you sell that e-book online!

You have a basic website with a sales page selling it – complete with a “buy it now” button.

And you market that product! You start blogging, you start groups on social network sites where your prospects hang out, you issue press releases and you get yourself known online!

It takes you about a day to create your product, but you can sell it for months – even years!

And you sell the product yourself, as do your affiliates.  These are people who go out there and promote your product, in exchange for a commission from you when they sell!

That’s information publishing in a really tiny nutshell!

So it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re into! You can start making money doing what you love today!

You don’t need to have super human talent!  You don’t have to be a writer and you don’t need money either!

Right now, you know stuff that you can share with others…who are more than happy to pay you for your knowledge!

Now that’s something to get really excited about!

For more information about how you can get started today and build your own information publishing empire, visit InfoPublishingUnderground.com [http://infopublishingunderground.com]!


Source by Angela Perkes